Fleece Tie Blanket

Last week marked the final week of my fall 2013 semester. I really did not think it was EVER going to end, so boy was I happy when I handed in my final final on Friday afternoon!

For one of my finals, I had to create a lesson plan and teach it to my classmates. I decided I wanted to do something that mattered. I did not want to do anything dealing with math, or really any subject. I figured I will be writing and teaching lesson plans on math for the rest of my life. This was my time to be able to do something completely different than my future career.

With all of that said, I decided to do something we could give away, since Christmas is fast approaching. I was going to teach my classmates how to make no-sew, fleece, tie blankets to be able to give away to children who are less fortunate around this time of year. I put together this blog post for anyone who wants a quick and easy Christmas gift for others, and to brag a little about my classmates! (YAY, PSY 349!)


  • 2 different pieces of fleece (size, colors and/or patterns will vary)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape


First off, the fleece (size, colors, and patterns) is really going to depend on who you are making the blanket for. For the blankets we made, I bought prepackaged fleece that would make a 48” x 60” blanket, because I knew they were for children. If you want to make this for an adult, I would definitely suggest getting at least a 60” x 72” or bigger. You will need two pieces of fleece measuring the same size, but usually two different colors and/or patterns. For these blankets, one side was a solid color that matched the patterned other side.

Next, I suggest pre-washing the fabric, that way if it is going to shrink, it shrinks beforehand, not after you are done with the blanket.

Here is the pile of fleece as I prepared to begin the washing extravaganza.


The puppy wanted to help out real bad :)


After it is washed and dried, I matched all of the fabric up with its partner, so I could begin the making process.


The hubby and I made one of the blankets so I could have an example for my classmates, as well as make this tutorial.

To begin making the blanket, put the wrong sides together. In other words, put the “dull” sides together, so the brighter sides are facing out. Because of the shrinking, sometimes the two fabrics might not be the same size anymore, so after lining them up, cut them down so they are the same size.


Next, cut a 4” x 4” square out of each corner, making sure to cut both fabrics.


Now we need to begin cutting the strips to tie. You want to cut them the length of the squares you cut in the corners, so 4” long. There’s not an exact size you need to cut each strip, but about 1” wide is a good. Make sure you cut both pieces of fabric at the same time.


Cut strips all the way around the blanket.


After all of the strips are cut around the entire blanket, you want to start tying them together. Take a pair of strips and tie one knot with them. The first knot you tie, right by a corner, I would not synch down tight until you have made a couple of more knots, these ones synched though.


Tie all 4 sides of the blanket



You are officially complete with your no-sew, fleece, tie blanket! Nice job! :)


These are the completed 10 blankets my classmates made. The hubby and I packaged them up in some Christmas bags, along with some Christmas cards everyone had written and brought them over to our church to be distributed.

This was definitely a great way to end my semester, as well as kick off the Christmas season. Lastly, I thought I would share this amazing quote/phrase I found. It definitely gets my head on straight when I need it!



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