Fleece Tie Blanket

Last week marked the final week of my fall 2013 semester. I really did not think it was EVER going to end, so boy was I happy when I handed in my final final on Friday afternoon!

For one of my finals, I had to create a lesson plan and teach it to my classmates. I decided I wanted to do something that mattered. I did not want to do anything dealing with math, or really any subject. I figured I will be writing and teaching lesson plans on math for the rest of my life. This was my time to be able to do something completely different than my future career.

With all of that said, I decided to do something we could give away, since Christmas is fast approaching. I was going to teach my classmates how to make no-sew, fleece, tie blankets to be able to give away to children who are less fortunate around this time of year. I put together this blog post for anyone who wants a quick and easy Christmas gift for others, and to brag a little about my classmates! (YAY, PSY 349!)

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2013 Boston Trip

Boy oh boy, my life for the past month or so has been absolute madness (and that’s an understatement!!), hence why I’ve been away for a little bit of time. Between school (like going to class), doing homework (and I mean A LOT of homework) and life (I’m a wife and a mom to 2 dogs), it has been a little on the crazy side. I am back, though, and have tons of things to post in the way of recipes! :) For this post though, I am going in a different direction.

In light of the recent news (and by recent I mean October 30):

Boston 2013 World Series

I thought it would be fun to show off some pictures from the hubby and mine’s trip to the amazing city of Boston. Seriously, if you haven’t been to Boston, you HAVE to go!! It was absolutely unbelievable. The city just ooses history EVERYWHERE! Jordan and I will without a doubt be visiting Boston for the rest of our lives, especially once we have little ones to bring with us.

For our first anniversary, I bought Boston v. Yankees tickets, so we headed to Boston on September 12th (Thursday) at midnight, arrived there at about 6A and stayed until September 15th (Sunday). The game was Saturday, so we bummed around the town on Friday and Sunday, just being tourists and checking out everything, and Saturday we took a tour of Fenway Park, which was one of the highlights of the trip by far!

So without further ado, here was some of the pictures. I hope you enjoy!

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Teacher Survival Kit

My mom has always been an extremely thoughtful person, especially when it came to my brother and mine’s teachers in school. Every year we would have a craft project the weekend before school started, and then we’d have another one the weekend before school ended.

Since the start of school is quickly approaching, I thought this would be a perfect time to share one of our most frequent projects, the  “Teacher Survival Kit.” This kit can be easily modified to fit any type of occupation, like we’ve also made them for the nursing staff at an assistant living place where my mom worked. The PDF attached at the bottom says “Teacher Survival Kit” though, so you might have to make your own card.

These kits always brightened the day of every teacher I have ever given them to, especially on the first day or week of school. I have continued to make them for some of my college professors as well, and they all love them. I definitely can’t wait to make little projects like these with our kids someday!

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