Lasagna Soup

I’m continuing down this soup road with another beef recipe. This one is dubbed, Lasagna Soup.

WARNING: This recipe has a lot of tomatoes and veggie qualities to it. BUT I guess if you think about it, lasagna really is tomatoes, meat, noodles and cheese, so it kind of fits to have a lot of tomatoes.

So not everyone has the time (or patience) to make lasagna, but I would venture to say that almost everyone has the time to throw some ingredients in the crockpot. Thus, lasagna soup was born into my recipe book.

Don’t get me wrong, I love making homemade lasagna, but I also don’t always have the time for it. I create this recipe for those times when I’m craving the ingredients but not the time. Here we go!

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Taco Soup

I don’t know if you all have caught on to this whole “quick and easy” meals I enjoy cooking in our household, but you will.  :)

This meal is fantastic because it literally requires cooking some beef and then pouring everything into the crockpot. I think it is best served when it is cold outside, because who doesn’t love coming home to a hot meal after a cold day. BUT it is also just fine on other normal days, too. I made this for dinner the other night and we actually sat out on our deck, enjoying the last of the sun for the day and each other’s company. Wonderful!

Quick note. For the pictures below, I actually doubled the recipe because I made it for my work, so just know that UNLESS you are doubling, you do NOT need as much stuff as the pictures show. Thanks! And enjoy :)

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Cowboy Casserole

Over the last few months, we have had A LOT of friends have babies, most of them their firsts but many of them their second or even third child. It has been so exciting and my Facebook feed has been blowing up with adorable baby pictures (keep them coming, people)!

I say this because one of my favorite things to do for new parents is be able to bring them one meal that’s prepared and one meal that is frozen. This recipe is a great frozen meal! Like fantastic!! It can be given to other people or even frozen for your own household to eat on a later date. OR I guess you could always just make it to eat that night, too ;-P

As you will be able to tell, because of the lack of pictures, it is SUPER easy to prepare and SUPER inexpensive. The only thing not so easy is you have to wait an hour for cook time. If you are going to freeze it, just prepare it in an aluminum pan instead of a glass casserole dish. Good luck!

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Philly Cheese-Burgers

For the month of July, I’ve decided that we are going to get off the shredded-chicken train and move on to some beef.


To start it off, I thought I would post a recipe that might be a great thought for the 4th of July coming up, if you don’t feel like grilling burgers.

My hubby really likes Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. BUT the thought of cooking up whatever type of steak is needed for them, as well as everything else, seems like a little too much work. Enter hamburger meat. And the Philly Cheese-Burger was invented :)

Don’t let the ingredients list scare you. I can make this with ease on a weeknight because it really doesn’t take a lot of time (or effort). So give it a whirl and enjoy!!

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Homemade Taquitos

Ever have those discussions with someone you’ve known quite a long time only to find out you never knew something about them? I know kind of a lengthy question. Nevertheless, I had one of those with my husband a month or two back and discovered he is quite the fan of taquitos. Which, I thought I knew my husband quite well when it came to the food category, but apparently not.

As we talked, I released the reason why we had never had this conversation is because, by nature, taquitos are usually quite unhealthy for you. They are usually fried. And if you buy them at the store, they have quite a few odd ingredients in them.

SO…I set out on a quest to make a recipe that is both homemade and healthy. This is what I came up with…

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Taco Pizza

Quick and easy meals are definitely a favorite of mine. Meals that I can whip out quickly once I get home from work are great because then I’m not slaving away in the kitchen for hours after a long day at the office. Plus, the less time I spend in the kitchen, the more time the hubs and I get to spend with each other.

I’ve always enjoyed Mexican food and I’m pretty sure the hubby does as well, considering enchiladas are one of his favorite things I make. Taco pizza was something I thought would be great because it combines so many things…quick and easy meal, pizza (Jordan’s favorite type of food) and Mexican food.

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Mini Meatloaf Muffins (Turkey Edition)

As of right now, my husband and I are a few months into our 2nd year of marriage (yay!), and there is definitely one thing I have learned thus far…cooking for 2 is quite a hard task. Yes, I know, it is quite a silly thing to say that I’ve learned throughout a year of marriage, but that’s why I said “one thing.” :) With that said, I’ve learned the power of portion control, as well as the power of leftovers.

Meatloaf is a great meal, in my opinion and the hubby’s. My only beef (pun intended)  with meatloaf is that I think it is far too difficult to package up for leftovers, so I thought, why not make it differently. And this is where meatloaf muffins were born. They have become a staple in our household. They are super easy to make. They are super easy to have as leftovers. And best of all, they are super great!

The recipe below is made with ground turkey, but we usually make them with ground beef. Really, you can make them with either, both are great! Also, I usually double the recipe so we can have some leftovers for a couple of days.

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