Baby Nursery Reveal

Hello Friends!!

I am SO excited to FINALLY reveal our baby girl’s nursery!!!

I have been anxiously waiting to write this blog for the past 8 months, though I obviously needed to wait until the room was actually finished in order to write it. Alas, it is finished, minus some prints we have to wait to get until after she is born. I’ll try to say where we bought everything, but if I miss something, definitely ask.

Here we go…


This first picture is from the doorway. I love this handmade, watercolor print of Psalm 121:8. We got it from She Reads Truth. I wanted it to be “spoken” over anyone and everyone who walks in and out of our little girl’s room, especially her. If you can’t read it, it says: “The Lord will watch over your COMING & GOING both now and forevermore.”


After you step a little further into the door, this is what you’ll see. The blue, paper rectangles on the right side will be where some prints from our maternity pictures will go once we order them. Here is where the rest of it all came from:

Bookshelves: They are actually Picture Ledges from IKEA (see here) and they are fantastic for all her books.

Curtains: I made the curtains myself using Premier Prints fabric for the front and Blackout fabric on the backside, all from Here are the specifics I used: Solid Pink, Mint Chevron & Blackout

Ottoman Pouf: We bought this on Amazon because it was the best price and I really liked all of the color options available. It is great to both put your feet on and to sit on. Check it out here.

“Bedside” Table: This is from IKEA (see here) and we painted the knobs gold.


Heart Lamp: This lamp is one of my favorite pieces in the nursery!! It is GORGEOUS, btw (and can be found here). It came from Wayne Works on Etsy. He is a designer out of Texas and is AMAZING, might I add. Go check him out!


I REALLY wanted a white chair, but my husband cautioned me because of how dirty it could possibly get. After some research, I settled on this chair from IKEA. My reasoning…the chair has a slipcover!! We bought 2 (slipcovers, not chairs) that way when I am washing 1, I can put the other on it.

What makes this chair unique is…we turned it from a regular, stationary chair into a gliding, rocking, rotating chair. And by we, I actually mean my amazingly talented husband!!

We bought a “replacement” glider online (from here) and then my husband attached it using some extra wood we had lying around. It was a trial and error type project, but we enjoyed doing it together. And the chair is SUPER comfy and functions GREAT!!

Here’s the underside:



We wanted to add something different to the walls without having to paint, and this was the perfect solution. This is our “confetti wall,” another creation by my amazing husband might I add. We bought 2” gold, vinyl circles from Amazon (see here) and my husband made it look like confetti was falling from the ceiling. After our little girl is born, we are going to order this monogram from a LittleTouchOfHeaven1 on Etsy and hang it in the middle of the wall…after painting it pink.

The crib is a 4-in-1 Convertible Crib from Amazon (see here), though I originally found it at Babies R Us. We really like the 4-in-1 option because it means we are set for life with it :)

All of the bedding I made using more Premier Prints fabric from It all came from the same collection, meaning it matches perfectly! Here are the specifics I used: Mint Squares, Solid Pink, Pink Polka Dots & Mint Chevron.


We opted to put the changing pad on top of a dresser, instead of having a designated changing table. The dresser is this one from IKEA. It is the same “family” as the bedside table. We also painted the knobs gold.

Below is a picture of the little bins we got from IKEA for organization inside the drawers. I HIGHLY suggest these, considering all baby stuff happens to be teeny, tiny! Here is the listing: Skubb Boxes


The wire baskets above the dresser are from Target, and we spray painted them gold. If you couldn’t tell, gold is our accent color in the room.


The last picture is our collage wall. The 4 “pictures” up there came from Hobby Lobby. The “N” was originally black, but we painted it mint to go with the mint around the room. Here is a close-up of the pink framed picture…which I love by the way, it is Jeremiah 1:5 (Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart):


The LOVELY ruler was made by some friends of ours and given to us as a gift. We love it and can’t wait to start making little measurements on it throughout the years. As well as the adorable arrow above the closet.

The “bench.” Well first off, it is actually a bookshelf from IKEA (see here) turned on its side. Then I bought a furniture pad from JoAnn’s and covered it in the Pink Premier fabric.

Lastly, the boxes…yep, those are all handmade as well. I used foam-core board from the dollar store, cut out each side, taped them all together, and then covered them in the leftover fabric patterns from around the room. They are supposed to have handles on the front, but I have not found the ambition to put those on quite yet. They work just fine without them, though.

And that’s it. Thanks for reading along through this LONG post, but also checking out our little girl’s nursery. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival and can’t wait to spend countless hours in this space with her soon.


Tea-riffic Teacher Gift

Another school year is upon us, which means another teacher gift is needed. For those of you that are new to the blog, let me give a little explanation. Every year before the first day of school, my mom would put together, with my brother and mine’s help, a teacher gift for our teachers that year. As I was about to start my first year of college, I just felt there was something missing…a teacher gift. I recreated some of the gifts my mom had made with some of my own flare (Teacher Survival Kit and S’more Pick-Me-Ups) and plan on creating some of my own, like this one.

Going into this year, I wanted to make the gift even more special because it is my last semester of college before my student teaching experience. I decided I wanted an inspirational quote of some sort, but I also wanted to include a little something for the teachers. I was able to add a “hidden message” within the quote to add a little more emphasis on the value of the teachers I have had and do have this semester.

So, without further ado, here is this year’s teacher gift. Oh and


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Fleece Tie Blanket

Last week marked the final week of my fall 2013 semester. I really did not think it was EVER going to end, so boy was I happy when I handed in my final final on Friday afternoon!

For one of my finals, I had to create a lesson plan and teach it to my classmates. I decided I wanted to do something that mattered. I did not want to do anything dealing with math, or really any subject. I figured I will be writing and teaching lesson plans on math for the rest of my life. This was my time to be able to do something completely different than my future career.

With all of that said, I decided to do something we could give away, since Christmas is fast approaching. I was going to teach my classmates how to make no-sew, fleece, tie blankets to be able to give away to children who are less fortunate around this time of year. I put together this blog post for anyone who wants a quick and easy Christmas gift for others, and to brag a little about my classmates! (YAY, PSY 349!)

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S’more Pick-Me-Ups

Hello blogging world! This week marked the beginning of my 3rd year of college (YAY!), though I’m a little older than your typical college-aged student. With that said, it was time to think of a “welcome back to school” little gift for the faculty members I work with as well as the faculty members who teach me. Last year, I did the “Teacher Survival Kit,” which was a huge success! This year, I decided on a little bit of a pick-me-up. The department I work in has been in a bit of a rut this summer and I thought everyone might need something to remind them just how important they really are. So, I came up with s’mores!

First off, I LOVE anything and everything s’mores! Next, they are super easy to make in the microwave, no need for a fire. Actually, the hubby and I make them all the time at home. Last, but not least, I really like the saying to go with them…”we need s’more people like you!”

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Teacher Survival Kit

My mom has always been an extremely thoughtful person, especially when it came to my brother and mine’s teachers in school. Every year we would have a craft project the weekend before school started, and then we’d have another one the weekend before school ended.

Since the start of school is quickly approaching, I thought this would be a perfect time to share one of our most frequent projects, the  “Teacher Survival Kit.” This kit can be easily modified to fit any type of occupation, like we’ve also made them for the nursing staff at an assistant living place where my mom worked. The PDF attached at the bottom says “Teacher Survival Kit” though, so you might have to make your own card.

These kits always brightened the day of every teacher I have ever given them to, especially on the first day or week of school. I have continued to make them for some of my college professors as well, and they all love them. I definitely can’t wait to make little projects like these with our kids someday!

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