Spinach & Bacon Quiche

For some reason, the word quiche has always frightened me. I’m not a 100% sure why exactly, but it just sounded like an impossible dish to make. It sounded like it took so much skill. Maybe because it is some crazy French word that makes it sound impossible.

Nevertheless, a few months ago, I set out on a mission to find and conquer a quiche recipe. I tried a few and the one I finally settled on is a combination of a couple of them. I took the things I really liked, threw out the things I didn’t and so have found a quiche recipe that is both easy and delicious. Since then, I have made it a few more times and it keeps coming out delicious.

Give it a try, I know you can perfect it, too!
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Homemade Mac & Cheese

When my brother and I were growing up, Easy Mac seemed to be one of the only things we constantly ate for lunch in the summer. My parents would stockpile 2 big Sam’s Club boxes of it at our house and no doubt, it was gone in a matter of a few weeks.

Now that I’m a little older, I still enjoy Easy Mac (A LOT), but I’ve also discovered there’s other mac & cheese options out there that are fantastic! I’m a big fan of the mac & cheese at Noodles & Co. I like how it’s creamy and cheesy, but not over the top. I’ll eat the Velveeta Mac & Cheese with no shame, because the flavor is fantastic. Basically, I just really like all things mac & cheese.

Therefore, when I set out on the journey to make my own mac & cheese at home, I wanted to copy the various things that the other ones had going for them.

1) I wanted it quick and easy like Easy Mac.
2) I wanted it creamy and cheesy like Noodles & Co.
3) I wanted it to taste as great as the Velveeta stuff.
4) Lastly, and most importantly, I wanted it healthy!

With the recipe below, I nailed all 4 things I was going for, not to toot my own horn or anything. No more boxed mac & cheese in this household! :)

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Homemade Corndogs

I feel a little odd admitting this, but hopefully you all can keep your snickering to a minimum. I really like corndogs. No idea why, except maybe that I like cornbread quite a bit. Odd part…I absolutely hate hot dogs. Real beef, fake beef, turkey…any of it. If it is a hotdog plain, I will not eat it, really don’t even want to go near it. Wrap it with cornbread, it’s all mine.

Now that we have that little randomness out of the way, I can begin to move towards the actual reason for this post…a recipe for HOMEMADE corndogs. No more store bought kinds with TONS of oil and/or preservatives. Plus, I think they are super quick. About as quick as pre-heating the oven and popping in frozen ones.

I usually serve these puppies (oo…pun intend) with homemade mac & cheese, but they can be served with other things for sure.

P.S. I’m posting how to make homemade mac & cheese next week, so be sure to stop back by. (HERE it is!!)

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