Taco Soup

I don’t know if you all have caught on to this whole “quick and easy” meals I enjoy cooking in our household, but you will.  :)

This meal is fantastic because it literally requires cooking some beef and then pouring everything into the crockpot. I think it is best served when it is cold outside, because who doesn’t love coming home to a hot meal after a cold day. BUT it is also just fine on other normal days, too. I made this for dinner the other night and we actually sat out on our deck, enjoying the last of the sun for the day and each other’s company. Wonderful!

Quick note. For the pictures below, I actually doubled the recipe because I made it for my work, so just know that UNLESS you are doubling, you do NOT need as much stuff as the pictures show. Thanks! And enjoy :)

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Homemade Taquitos

Ever have those discussions with someone you’ve known quite a long time only to find out you never knew something about them? I know kind of a lengthy question. Nevertheless, I had one of those with my husband a month or two back and discovered he is quite the fan of taquitos. Which, I thought I knew my husband quite well when it came to the food category, but apparently not.

As we talked, I released the reason why we had never had this conversation is because, by nature, taquitos are usually quite unhealthy for you. They are usually fried. And if you buy them at the store, they have quite a few odd ingredients in them.

SO…I set out on a quest to make a recipe that is both homemade and healthy. This is what I came up with…

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Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Today’s recipe is a follow-up from last week’s chicken enchilada recipe. Don’t have a whole lot of time to whip up 12 enchiladas, including packing and rolling, why not try Chicken Enchilada Casserole instead. Aside from cooking the chicken in the crockpot all day (which requires basically zero effort on your part), this recipe takes maybe 15 minutes of prep time before going into the oven.

Just like last week’s recipe, I use a pre-made green chili enchilada sauce. If you so wish, you can substitute a homemade enchilada sauce.

Lastly, this recipe is another one that you can easily make and freeze to save for later. Just prepare it in an aluminum foil pan, cover with foil, label and throw in the freezer. OR if you want to bring someone a meal, this is a great option.

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Chicken Enchiladas

Mexican inspired foods are made quite often in our household. Therefore, the month of May is being dedicated to some of our Mexican food favorites. Enjoy :)

Enchiladas are a HUGE favorite in our household. My hubby always makes sure they are on the list of meals every month. One of the reasons why I like them are they make for great leftovers. I make 12 enchiladas per batch, we eat about 4 that night and then we have lunch meals for both of us for the next 2-days. All of this means that we eat dinner and have 2 lunches for about $1 per meal per person. Pretty great!!

For these enchiladas, I just buy some green chili enchilada sauce at the store. I am sure you could make them slightly healthier by making your own sauce, but that’s just not my MO right now. We really like the sauce I find and it’s not too unhealthy for us, just a little high in sodium maybe.

Anyways. I hope your family enjoys these as much as the hubs and I do!! :)

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