Who We Are

First off, there’s me…the author of this blog, Brandy.


Secondly, my favorite person, like ever, my wonderful, handsome husband, Jordan!

my babe

He looked like a stud on our wedding day!


We met at our church. We started dating on 6/8/2011 and then we were married 1 year later on 6/8/2012. :)


We rescued an adorable, wonderful puppy named Zoey in July of 2012 and we couldn’t be happier to be her parents! :)

the pup

We rescued another puppy in November 2013, who is quite opposite of Zoey, but we love her nevertheless. Her name is Roo!


And yet again, we have rescued another puppy as of September 2014. Her name is Ohana-J. She’s a lab and still quite a puppy with lots of fun energy.

photo 1

We officially became the parents of a little human on September 6, 2015. This is Ellie Grace and we are SO excited she is part of this family (of 6) now!!


We bought our first (and hopefully last) home in October of 2012. We LOVE being homeowners (most of the time).

Our Front Door

Sports are a big part of our relationship. First off there’s baseball. He’s a true Boston Red Sox fan and I’m an adopted fan. In September 2013, we both visited Boston and Fenway Park for the first time. It was great!


Next, there is football. The Huskers are where my true fanhood lies. I am from Nebraska and will forever be a Husker…and I’m working on transforming Jordan into one too.


Last, but not least, golf is by far our favorite sport. Jordan has been playing for years and I am just a beginner, but we love getting out together and having a blast on the course!

golf bags


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